Get Pin-Straight Hair with the T3 Tourmaline SinglePass Compact

All I want is pin-straight hair. Japanese pop-star straight.

But I have this thick mane that is part curly, part crazy, so it can be very hard to tame. Even with high end styling products and tools.

One of the only things that has succeeded to give me the perfectly hair all on its own - without product! - has been T3 Tourmaline SinglePass Compact. In fact, it's a freaking miracle worker to transform this hair o' mine.

I have used straighteners in the past, but nothing that creates such perfectly straight hair so quickly. And all without frying my already fried (read: over-coloured, over-washed, over-blowdried) locks.

It's no wonder this is the kind of tool that professional hairstylists use. It's got a consistent heat that never scorches your hair (my old one used to get so hot, when I touched my hair, it would burn my fingers - just imagine what it was doing to my hair!). And when's the last time you had a flat iron that added shine and kept frizz and flyaways at bay? That's all thanks to the incredible T3 Tourmaline-infused ceramic plates.

To make life even easier, when the purple light stops flashing, it's ready to use. No guessing or waiting, just style and go!

I love the heat resistant cap because you can turn it off and stash it right away. With my old one, I'd have to leave it out to cool before I could store it. It was one of the things I'd have to remember to put away before company arrived. And let's say you forget to turn it off (it happens)? It shuts off after an hour. Need to go overseas? The iron adapts to any voltage from 100V to 240V, so go ahead and use it wherever you go.

With my T3 Tourmaline SinglePass Compact, I get the straightest hair the fastest. And that's with the smallest iron I've ever used. 

That says it all, doesn't it?

T3 products are available at Murale.

Stephanie Dickison

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