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As much as I work and live on my computer, when it comes to fleshing out ideas, I have to do it on paper.

That could be a sign of my age or just that I spent years in art school and so working things out on paper just comes naturally.Ironically, even though I'm a paper fiend, I would love to one day design phone and website apps for my products and services.

Lucky for me, UI Stencils has created the perfect tools to help me along!

This amazing company has stencil kits of every kind to help you brainstorm your ideas quickly and easily and get a look at how your app will look at perform. They have them for every platform - User Flow Stencil Kit, iPhone Stencil Kit, Website Stencil Kit , iPad Stencil Kit, Android Stencil Kit and Windows Phone Stencil Kit.

I got the iPhone Stencil Kit which includes a precision cut stainless steel stencil that when used with the Zebra mechanical pencil enclosed, gives you the accuracy that you want all before clicking a single button! The iPhone 4 specifications allow you to see your designs come alive in a very realistic form. Included is also a downloadable .PDF letter or A4 sized printable template and some stickers just for fun.  
Be sure to get the accompanying sketch pad too, which will give you the exact size in which to work and really brings your project to life. Select from the Phone Sketch Pad, iPhone Sticky Pad, iPad Sketchbook, Browser Sketch Pad, Windows Phone Sketch Pad and Windows Phone Sticky Pad

These items ship immediately, which means you can get a whack of 'em for holiday gifts and be done your Christmas shopping early!

Just think how happy Annie at the office will be to finally have an analog iPhone!

Stephanie Dickison

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