Want Radiant Skin? All You Need is Babor Organic Skincare

There are some skincare lines that you have wait for weeks to see results. You follow an eight-step program and by the end of it all, you finally see a tiny improvement.

Well, if you just want to get to it and have fabulous looking skin immediately, I recommend Babor Skincare. And in particular, Babor Organic.

This high-end skincare is completely organic and uses "natural active ingredients sourced from the untouched world of the Alps." These "white" ingredients are pure and untainted. There are no synthetic colourants, perfume substances, animal raw materials, petroleum, parrafins, PEGs, parabens, irradiated ingredients or genetically modified raw materials. 

One of the best skin creams I've ever used is Babor Organic Pure Age Preventing Cream. It's completely weightless but you'll feel your skin cool and hydrate instantly upon application. Ahh, that feels so good - talk about a spa experience!

With powerful active ingredients such as glacier water from Mont Cervin, Switzerland, full of rich minerals and trace elements, edelweiss and meadowfoam seed oil, your skin will not only look supple and nourished (this cream restructures your skin from the inside), but you'll be protected from environmental damage and premature aging. While your going about your day, your skin's regeneration and cell renewal are accelerated.

Which means you'll not only look good today, but tomorrow and the next day...

Shop the entire Babor Organic Skincare online. Or do as I do and get it from Julie Brigitte Moore, Zen Shiatsu Therapist, at her peaceful and private Zen studio in the Whitby Shores area. That way, you can get a treatment and your skincare all at once.

Aren't you in need of a little pampering right about now? Contact Julie for an appointment today.

Stephanie Dickison

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