Ursa Major Shave Cream Is Made for Men. Which Is Why You'll Want It for Yourself

I like to do posts for the fellas. After all, my guy likes new cool stuff too.

So when I discovered Ursa Major Shave Cream, I knew it would be perfect for my man who sports everything from a mustache to a full on beard.

After all, Oliver & Emily Stowe of Vermont created this awesome cream as a "spirited natural alternative to the bland, toxin-laden products that pervade today's market."  I love the ingredients - aloe vera, certified organic sunflower seed oil, zinc oxide powder, willow bark extract, oat protein... you are truly feeding your skin. And not only are the ingredients 99%natural, some of them are certified organic and the shea butter is fair trade. And there's no petrochems, sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrance or color, TEA, DEA, glycols, silicones or PEGs here, so you can feel good about slathering it on.

Stop and think for just a sec about what that rusty can of shaving cream you've been using since the 80s has got in it. Eww.

The cream not only goes on super smooth, it shaves so close and leaves your skin so hydrated afterwards, you won't be able to resist touching your skin.

You don't have to use a lot (a nickel-size dollop will do), so the tube lasts and lasts. And the scent? Sexy, manly and yet not too much. Just really enticing. Like you want to get up close and inhale. Mmm. Organic grand fir, vetiver, ylang ylang, black spruce...

How do I know all of this? Because despite my original intention of getting this for my guy, I've been using it to shave my legs.

And now thanks to the lovely Stowe's of Vermont, you won't find a can of shaving cream in my cabinet ever again.

I'm an Ursa Major Girl from now on. I'm sorry if I screwed up your marketing plan. And Scott, I'm sorry I stole your shave cream.

Be smart and get a whole whack of  Ursa Major Shave Creams for the household. That way, everyone's happy and no one has to deal with stubble or rough skin again.

Stephanie Dickison

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