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My mailbox is usually a dismal array of flyers for oil changes and lube jobs (I don't own a car), takeout menus for sketchy pizza places I've never heard of (Pizza Man? Really?) and fitness memberships that I am never going to apply for (I know I should, but I won't).

So the idea of getting real mail excites me beyond belief. And nothing is better than a fun card or postcard. So when I came across Greetings from The Onion: 100 Rectangular Postal Cards Suitable for the Futile Act of Corresponding with Other Miserable Inhabitants of Earth, I knew I'd come across postal gold!

The Onion is known for its crazy sardonic headlines and stories, so just imagine the joy you'll get out of 100 postcards featuring strange and hilarious tidbits from the archives.  A lovely yet strong recipe box holds the cards, organized into 5 tabbed sections - Local, National, Business, Science & Technology and Sports & Entertainment - making it easy to select the appropriate card to send or post on the fridge at work!

I could not stop laughing. Or thinking, "Ooh, I can't wait to send that to Diana," or "I bet Allison would love this one."

What an awesome gift. Get yours now and let the giggling begin!

Stephanie Dickison

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