Secrets of Gorgeous - This Little Pink Book Tells All

Who has time to read an entire book about beauty and health tips? Well, now you do, thanks to Secrets of Gorgeous: Hundreds of Ways to Live Well While Living It Up

This teeny little purse-size guide includes just a paragraph or two on each page, so you can get bite-sized information on everything why you should be adding jars of umeboshi plums to your shopping list, what vitamins will help battle Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and recipes that will having you switching white flour for coconut and almond flours.

It also covers topics you might be curious about but are embarrassed about, such as vaginal infections, kegel exercises, warts and gas and bloating.

Sometimes all it takes to make a big change is a small thing. This book has tons of 'em - find out whether you should splurge on store-bought hot chocolate, how to make a pomegranate cosmo and a hangover cure that works.

Stephanie Dickison

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