The GripStic Helps Keep Food Fresh

Whether it's a bag of frozen veg or those gourmet tortilla chips that you are not-so-secretly addicted to, there are a lot of bags in the kitchen that require resealing.

The problem with most supermarket clips is that while they keep the bag closed, they let all the freshness out, so you end up with stale chips and freezer burnt corn and spinach.

With The Gripstic however, the lengthy stick is fashioned so that you place the yellow guide under the fold you've made on the bag. Next, you slide the coloured stic across the top of the bag and center it. Voila, you've now just locked out air and moisture and sealed in all of your food's goodness!

Because The Gripstics are so long (some packages have varying lengths like pictured above), it's a breeze to seal big bags such as cereal, your freezer full of meat, veg and leftovers, flour and sugar bags, prepared salads, coffee and snacks such as chips and nuts. 

They don't take up any room in your kitchen drawers (I only have the one - there's no way I can fit any bulky clips in there) and they can be used over and over again.

Keep your food fresh longer and with ease with The Gripstic. It really is that easy.

Stephanie Dickison

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