Ferro Cosmetics Are Good For Your Skin

Have you made the move to mineral makeup yet? If not, you should give it a try - it's so much more natural looking and actually healthier for your skin and the environment.

You should start with Ferro Cosmetics. They use 100% minerals (crushed purified rocks with no fillers, thank you very much) that are "eco-manufactured" in all of their products, it go on with just a few swipes and offers not only great coverage (something not often associated with mineral makeup) but a fantastic range of colours too. It's also one of the very few minerals lines that I've found to be long lasting, which means it'll go on as long as your day does.

What I find fascinating is that Ferro uses three times the minerals in every product compared to their competitors. That higher concentration means that it's charged with colour and longevity and your jar will last long after the other minerals have come and gone. It's also waterproof, so whether you're working out or under the hot lights of the red carpet, you'll look amazing. How cool is that?!

And if you're worried that it's going to be hard to put on, don't be. It couldn't be easier. Just go light and build from there. You can always add more if you like.

Oh and if you feel like you've never found a foundation in your skin tone before, you'll find it here. Prefer matte to a illuminated sheen or the other way round? Each product comes in both finishes, so you can cater your look to you. I like to be illuminated, while my Mom likes a matte finish, so we can both get what we need!

Veil finishing & priming powders are what gives you that photo finish look, perfecting all your slight imperfections. Because I prefer to shimmer and shine, I'm using a Crystal Veil, while I think my friend actress Allison would prefer matte for onstage.

I love to be able to get my makeup quickly in the morning so Blush X3 is perfect - you can use it on your cheeks, lips and eyes, making it the ultimate multitasking product! And just look at the range of colours it comes in - I'm loving being bashful!

And for my eyes, there is sooo much Eye Candy to choose from. With over 45 shades available, it's awfully hard to narrow them down, but I think I've got the perfect palette for fall figured out:

- A little gold, thanks to Secret
- copper toned in Espresso
- Emerald Smoke goes with everything
- Sage adds a little lift to my day
- Who doesn't want to be a Chameleon?

I am hooked on Ferro Mineral Makeup. It's sophisticated without being complicated. Isn't that just what you need in your life?

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Stephanie Dickison

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