Exude Lipstick Is the Best Lipstick I've Ever Tried. E-V-E-R.

You can tell a lot about a lipstick by the way it goes on. But what really reveals its quality is how it wears hour after hour.

I'm just about the worst person to wear lipstick. My lips are so naturally dry that I always have to apply a layer of balm on them first so that the lipstick doesn't flake. And it always, always does no matter how great the formula. I'm talking DECADES of flaking lipstick.

But that's all changed with Exude Lipstick.

I wore it for hours and hours, licking my lips, drinking water, talking and chewing gum and this miracle worker kept my lips moist ALL DAY LONG. And not just moist, but supple and sexy looking, like I was made up for the red carpet or to appear alongside the Kardashians. I mean, my lips have never looked this Hollywood before.

If you only buy one lipstick this year, MAKE SURE it's Exude.

The applicator is clear. As you twist it up, the perfect amount of creme is released, giving your lips a healthy dose of vitamins C &E  in a luscious gel formula that goes on smooth - and stays that way. All day. And if it works on my dry pout, just imagine how your lips are going to feel! There is also a refreshing minty scent that helps keep you stay kissing fresh. Swak!

I am rocking Lip Creme Nude and it is the perfect shade for whatever you're wearing. However, I recommend getting one of each of the 8 other colours and the 5 lip glosses too. After all, a girl has got to look good no matter what the occasion.

It's no wonder Rachel Zoe is their brand ambassador - this is the best lipstick I've ever tried. So good I might just sleep with it on!

Exude is sold exclusively at Exude online for $29. Shop now.

Stephanie Dickison

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