Daycraft Notebooks Makes You Cool for School. And Work. And Life.

For years I have coached those who want to write, but need to overcome some obstacle - finding the time, ending a cycle of procrastination, etc. 

Sometimes, its' just a matter of finding the right tools.

And for me to be able to write well and keep track of everything I'm doing, I've got to have notebooks that are well made, creative in design and that I truly love.

Daycraft creates notebooks that make me swoon and their newest collections - Skinz & Illusions - don't disappoint.

Just in time for back-to-school and hearty end-of-the-year planning, Skinz Notebooks (pictured above) gives your work edge and stands out against the cheap, spiral-bound books your mates are using. These awesomely cool journals provide you an oasis of luxurious cream paper in which to record your thoughts and a sturdy case to stand up to long commutes. And if these designs get you wanting a tattoo, use the tattoo sticker that comes with each notebook instead. It'll save you a ton of time, money and pain! Now the question is, which design will you get?

And if you have a lot to say, you're going to love the Illusions line. The large ones will inspire you to fill them to the brim - perhaps you'll finally finish that novel or screenplay you've been writing for the last decade?  And I love that it seems like a soft cover at first, but is actually really durable (thank goodness, because you're going to carry it EVERYWHERE with you). And there's a sweet pocket in the back so that when you're out and about, you can stuff it full with brochures, menus and whatever else comes you way.

Sure you can go out and get a journal anywhere. But why would you do that when you can shop Daycraft's Notebooks?

I promise that the nicer your notebook, the easier it is to write.

Stephanie Dickison

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