Clarsskin Keeps You Feeling Clean & Fresh All Day Long

I get very used to some products. So much so that I will travel to umpteen stores to get them.
deodorant is one of those things.  And what if the one you happen to love cakes in the creases, never leaving you feeling comfortable and clean? Or leaves behind ugly stains on your dresses and blouses?


Finally there's a solution so that you don't have to give up your beloved deodorant and go through smelling weird in the process!

Clarsskin - available in fragranced or unfragranced - removes the residue and particles (metal, actually!) from your skin (that body washes and cleansers don't remove), so that you can finally feel clean and fresh and your awesome wardrobe will last a helluva lot longer.

You simply put Clarsskin on while your skins wet, work it into your skin and then rinse. All before applying your regular deodorant. It's a light cream that smells like laundry (mmm!) and can also be used as a shave cream.

Try it and see the wicked difference it makes.

Stephanie Dickison

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