You'll Be Making More Pizzas At Home Thanks to Pizza Paddles

After Pizza with Tori, I was in the mood for more for more pie.

So I went about making a couple of versions and put them in the oven. I used to cook them on pizza pans, but I kept reading that the secret to a good crust was to cook it directly on the oven racks. That's fine if you don't mind a mess at the bottom of your oven (I am always cleaning it anyway), but have you ever tried to take it out of the oven like that?

I tried it a few months ago. The pizza didn't make it. The cat came running. End of story.

Pizza Paddles to the rescue!

These elegant bamboo paddles allow you to make your pizza right on their surface, take your pizza - whether its being handcrafted in your kitchen or its a frozen pie from the supermarket - to the oven and out again, without spillage or mess. You can even use the specially-designed tapered edges to turn the pizza while it's still cooking, giving it a chance to cook evenly.

The paddles are designed to "peel apart," so that you can use them together - using a natural "side by side" motion - or apart.

They are extremely light and comfortable to hold onto. They are the only paddles I've seen with a reasonable size handle and not those huge. longs ones that you see in pizza shops. These work in my tiny kitchen and don't bang into the wall when I open the oven door, like a pool cue bumping against the wall in a small room. 

I got myself a Tori frozen pizza and couldn't believe how easy it was to take out with the Pizza Paddles. Where have PP been all my life?!

When the paddles are interlocked, you get a generous surface (12×20 inches, from side to side, tip to handle, respectively – with a total working area of about 12×12 inches) to work with, so feel free to make your own extra large party pizza or simply reheat the one you got delivered in last night. Individually, each paddle measures 6×20 inches.

You will find the Peel Apart Pizza Paddles come in handy for more than just pizza, but that you'll be making more pizza pies at home now because they're so much fun and easy to use. I certainly am.

Get your own set of Peel Apart Pizza Paddles now and help to fight world hunger - Pizza For All, LLC donates 50 cents for every purchase to Action Against Hunger to help fight world hunger. 

Stephanie Dickison

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