Turn Up the Heat with KP's Specialty Pepper Products!

I am addicted to the heat.

Not this muggy summer weather. Eck.

No, I mean the spicy heat imparted by chilies such as habaneros, chili peppers and the like. And I love the various ways I can get, thanks to the very awesome KP's Specialty Pepper Products.

I like to shake hot sauce on everything from my eggs to a side of veg and KP's Lightnin' Bolt Habanero and Towering Inferno are spectacular. The Lightnin' is vinegar-based made with orange habanero, while the Inferno is tomato-based and made with red habanero - the best of both worlds! Be sure to add them in while cooking too.

But having hot sauce on absolutely everything can become a little monotonous, so for a fun change of pace, I shake on some hotness in the form of KP's Spicy Habanero Seasoning Blends available in Mild and Hot. I love the way it marries into whatever you're making, bringing about a completely different heat sensation than the sauces. You can also use it as a rub or coating on meat and fish. Ooh, you're going to get addicted to these.

And because my fella and I like to snack on fun, but healthy stuff while we watch TV or a movie, we've been digging KP's Spicy Snacks - each available in mild or hot. Whether it's Spicy Peanuts, Spicy Candied Peanuts or Spicy Trail Mix (I love the unusual mix of heat and sweet of peanuts, almonds, cashews, sesame sticks, BBQ corn sticks and chocolate morsels), these super tasty and affordable snacks are a great way to keep the heat going this fall and winter.

Shop the entire KP's Specialty Pepper Products store and get food that truly tastes great and delivers that heat you've been seeking!

Stephanie Dickison

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