Stunning Tori Spelling Collection Nail Polish Comes with a Bonus!

A few days ago, I went to a lunch with Tori Spelling.

Did you know she has a new line of nail polishes out? The Tori Spelling Collection is wicked for 4 reasons:

- The shades she’s selected are bang on. You’re going to want each and every one of them. In fact, you’re going to keep wearing a shade because you can’t bear to tear yourself away. That’s how I feel anyway, about the coral (pictured above) I tried. And now I'm lusting after the gold, pearl and turquoise too. They're simply gorgeous!

- Each shade comes with a big fantastic ring that matches the shade of polish. I was out to dinner with a colleague last week, wearing the coral with accompanying ring and he remarked on both and then shrieked, “How did you get them to match exactly?” It took awhile to calm him down. Saying Tori’s name over and over seemed to help.

- These are quality lacquers. I spent days with it on while I scrubbed the tub, cleaned the kitchen, tried to get grease off of a cookie sheet, removed some gum from the bottom of my heel, and well, you know – life stuff. It didn’t budge. It also goes on super smooth. No bumps or ridges.

- It’s by Tori Spelling, who is a woman trying to do it all – mom, wife, friend, mogul, actress, author, shop owner and so much more. It’s simply inspiring to wear her polish. 

Get your own supreme polishes (and rings!) from the stellar Tori Spelling Collection available only at

Maybe one day I'll get to try her other jewelry...

Stephanie Dickison

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