Serve Up Some Good Ol' Fashion Homemade Desserts with Adelia Gourmet

I love everything about the South. So much so that I want to open a Southern restaurant one day soon.

Discovering Adelia Gourmet was a dream come true. And there is a rich history here, according to Adelia's great-granddaughter:

"Adelia is named for Adelia Mae Wilkes (1899-1996), or as we called her, Memmie.  My great-grandmother was a fabulous woman who passed a love of cooking and baking down through the generations to follow. My mother, Patti Walker Watson, adored Memmie, and was inspired to become an amazing cook and baker. When I was growing up, we made homemade brownies at least once a week. My mom had me, my sister, and my cousins measuring ingredients from the time we could sit up on the kitchen counter.  Many of my favorite childhood memories were made in the kitchen with all of our family.

I believe it is so important to make memories in the kitchen, but I also realize that people are busy and don’t have time to bake as often as they might like to.  As more people look to pre-made mixes for their sweet treats, I wanted to provide options that are healthier and taste like they were made in your great-grandmother’s kitchen!"

I love that you get some Southern family love in with mixes that are handmade in Nashville, using only natural ingredients which are sourced and purchased locally in Nashville. Their packaging too!

Blondies are the gentle kinder cousin to the Brownie. But just try and find one that's not dry or heavy.

Adelia Gourmet Blondie Mix has the advantage of having a nice blend of gourmet ingredients that you then add a few basics (butter, an egg and some vanilla) on your own, so there's a sweet homemade factor without having to make it from scratch (something that still makes me nervous).

It's fast and easy to make (just a couple of minutes is all it takes) and you get to reap the rewards just 20-25 minutes later! This delicious soft, rich buttery chocolate chip cookie bar is a lovely afternoon treat or dessert for after dinner.  And they really taste homemade! You can taste the ingredients instead of being overpowered by sweetness like with most mixes. They are light and yet incredibly satisfying. This recipe just the right blend of comfort and joy.

If you're looking for a sweet treat to take to your next function or as an accompaniment at your next book club, Mom's meet or dinner party, get yourself Adelia Gourmet Blondie Mix. Or Brownies Mix or Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix.

This little bag of love and ingredients is one of the nicest gifts you could possibly receive. What a fantastic hostess or housewarming present!

Stephanie Dickison

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