Plus White 5 Minute Speed Whitening System Works Fast & Is Affordable

I never knew it was possible for someone who wasn't a celebrity or went for cleanings every month to have such white teeth.

I have been using Plus White toothpastes for the last few years now and for the first time in my  life, people have remarked how white my teeth are. All at just a few dollars more than a tube of regular toothpaste. 

But with the addition of being as a restaurant reviewer and food writer as well as sitting in offices, restaurants and cafes conducting interviews with celebrities and chefs, the amount of coffee, tea and red wine that I have has really taken a toll of my gleaming smile.

So I've been trying the Plus White 5 Minute Speed Whitening System, which contains "the same bleaching action that dentists use to visibly remove excess stains and bleach teeth." Cheaper than even whitening strips, it allows me to stay within my budget and get rid of tough stains fast.

The kit has just 3 parts - tartar control per-whitening rinse, a whitening gel (that doesn't make your teeth or gums stand on end with sensitivity like other name bran systems) and a comfy, reusable mouth tray that allows you to do both top and bottom teeth at once, saving you time and gag reflexing!

You only need a small amount of gel on the tray, so it lasts and lasts. And other than white teeth, you'll notice how clean they feel. Which, let me tell you, after a day of taste testing pies, roasts and sauces, you really, really appreciate!

I know we're all pressed for time, but this 5 minute system will take you less time than any other and give you the Hollywood smile that you deserve.

Stephanie Dickison

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