Marcelle’s New Hydra-C Products Quench Your Skin All Day Long

Our summer has been so hot that my skin feels as dried out as it does during the winter months. After I wash my face, I notice how tight and papery it feels. Not exactly the smooth and sexy, dewy skin you see splayed across the pages of magazines.

Marcelle has launched some exciting new Hydra-C Products that deliver skin-quenching, intense hydration in beautifully light formulas that feel oh-so good.

I am completely addicted to the Hydra-C Energizing Hydrating Gel (pictured above). I love the light, cool feel it delivers. It feels like it’s been in the fridge (not the bathroom cabinet), so it’s the perfect cool down treatment first thing in the morning and right before bed. It keeps my skin feeling incredibly refreshed and hydrated not just when I apply it, but for the entire day. My skin also looks better too – brighter, sunnier – and it will stay looking that way longer, thanks to skin protectants such as green tea and vitamins C & E.

I have also fallen for Hydra-C Perfect Fusion Make-Up. This liquid foundation is devised to match your skin tone, so that you no longer have to combat orange-y lines along your jaw and around your hairline. It’s the most natural makeup - you look like you’re not wearing a stitch of it – but it covers up your slight imperfections beautifully. It’s also super light – you won’t feel like you’re wearing makeup at all for once – and super nourishing thanks the vitamins C & E, green tea extract, camomile, and aloe vera. You’ll look and feel fabulous! There are 4 shades to choose from – natural beige, ivory, true beige and mocha.

If you tend to get shiny whether it’s sweltering outside or not, you should get yourself the new Hydra-C Ultra-Light Matifying Fluid. It keeps your skin hydrated but shine-free, leaving you looking like the calm, collected woman you are. Or want to be.

If you want skincare and makeup that truly transforms your skin, get Marcelle’s New Hydra-C Collection.

Stephanie Dickison

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