Make Any Shoe Comfortable with Sof Comfort Fashion Insoles

Many companies offer insoles for high-impact activities such as running. Well, I don’t know about you, but I am in heels more than I’m in runners, so I’m going to be stocking up on the very cute, new Sof Comfort Fashion Insoles.

These 3-packs mean that you can be comfortable all week long, whether you’re wearing pumps to work, wedges to brunch on Sunday and teetering heels on Saturday night.

The exclusive cushioning is made so that both your heel and the ball of your foot are padded to absorb any shock. They feel like a brand new bed for your feet!

The breathable top cloth ensures that your feet will be comfortable, not wet with sweat. And you can choose from two basic back and gold colours to match most of your shoes and one fashion print, because we both know we just love anything printed and pretty.

I am grateful to have this little bit of extra love in my shoes. Because I’ll be honest - I rarely choose a shoe because it’s comfortable.

Sof Comfort Fashion Insoles are available exclusively in Walmart's Shoe Department.

Stephanie Dickison

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