The Kymaro Cardi Wrap Extends Your Wardrobe with over 50 Looks!

The nights are finally getting cooler and I'm starting to crave fall clothes after a long summer of tanks and tees.

The wardrobe essential of the fall is a great cardigan. One that will go with everything, upgrade a look from daytime to nighttime and keep me warm.

Up until now, I've found great cardigans that do one or two things, but never all three.

And then I discovered the Kymaro Cardi Wrap which does even more:

This amazing, comfy knit can work itself into over 50 different items - and we're not talking just sweaters: scarves, tops, cardigans, dresses, wraps and shawls too! To achieve these looks, you simply twist, toss, wrap or knot your Cardi Wrap. The wrap comes with 3 bangles in silver, black and gold (that I'm rocking as bracelets when they're not in use) and pretty, contemporary flower pin and bow that help you achieve the various looks. And don't worry - you don't have to memorize all of the styles - it comes with a handy little style booklet showing you how to rock each look!

I love that I can toss it in my bag and that I can customize my look to each occasion!

There are 7 colours to choose from. I got grey as I'm trying to get away from wearing all black and this is the next best thing. It's made from 100% viscose, which feels light, yet very luxurious. I love that it breathes and that is somehow flatters you to look less lumpy and bumpy in places and all that swathing and wrapping also seems to slim you a little. How awesome is that?

They make it extremely easy for you in terms of sizing, too. There are only 2 - Misses and Plus. You'll fit either one. Now wouldn't it be great if all clothing sizes could be this pain-free?!

I'm telling you - you get a CardiWrap this season and it will work as half of your wardrobe all on its own.

And you were happy when a piece simply fitted you. The bar has just been rasied!

Get your Kymaro CardiWrap now.

Stephanie Dickison

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