Keep The House Decluttered with Aladdin's 2 Collapsible Mini Bowl Set

I am going to be honest with you - we don't have an inch of room left in this place.

It's not like an episode of Hoarders or anything, but after living here close to 10 years and with both of us working from home in an one-bedroom apartment, it's certainly cramped in here. And when something new comes into the house, it usually means that in order to make room for it, something else has to go.

Whether its the cupboards or the fridge, it's a tight squeeze to get things in and outta there. And since I'm always in the kitchen trying new recipes and concepts, all of my various versions of dishes, sauces, etc., have to get stored some way, some how...

... I found the miracle workers in Aladdin's 2 Collapsible Mini Bowl Set.

See, they collapse for easy storage (read: don't take up any room at all) and hold my creations without any leaking. They are microwave and dishwasher safe, so cook up a storm and pack a wicked lunch for the kids (homemade white bean hummus and basil pesto, anyone?).

If only:

- all my containers were Aladdin (check out the entire collapsible lunch collection)
- they were all in this very sexy eggplant colour!

You should see my fridge now. Thank you, Aladdin.

Stephanie Dickison

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