Indulge in Complete Luxury with Danae's Creations Sweet Bath & Body Treats

With workdays stretching into dinnertime and weekends crowded with more errands than downtime, it can be hard to relax and pamper yourself.

For many women, the bathroom is the one place where we get to be alone, so it's no wonder that there's where we go to let go of all the stress of working hard then coming home and taking care of the family.

One of the best things you can do for yourself - and for friends and family - is to soothe your soul with Danae's Creations Bath & Body Treats. Made with natural elements such as herbs, salts and oils, you can finally allow the stress of the day melt away while you pamper your skin from head to toe in sweet treats that make the bathroom seem more like a bakery. Even the packaging makes you think, "Mmm, dessert!"
Danae's Lotion Bars are no ordinary lotion. First of all, they come wrapped like a chocolate candy. Unwrapping it becomes part of the ritual of destressing and getting ready - what fun! And you apply it the same you would if it came in a bottle, except when you unwrap this body treat, you rub the bar in your hands, replace it in the wrapper and then smooth the lotion over your skin with your hands. 
They come in 4 temptingly sweet scents - Vanilla Almond Treat, Cravin' Coco-Mango, Milk Honey Sensation and Apricot Chamomile Rush - and because they come in bar form, they are the perfect way to bring lotion with you while you travel (no more leaky bottles!).

And if you prefer something lighter, Whipped Shea Butter Body Icings are a wonderful way to give your body the love it deserves without feeling like you're "wearing" your lotion. You only need a little bit to feel it working, quenching your skin while leaving behind the sweetest scent. I tried Cravin' Coco-Mango and all day long, I felt like I had a little piece of cake or a fruity umbrella drink along with me. What a joyous feeling.

Cupcake Bath Bombs look just like actual cupcakes, so while you may want to pop them in your mouth, be sure to pop them in the tub instead! What a wonderful way to show a friend you care - and without any guilty calories!

Even the Body Oils look celebratory in their champagne bottles! And the colours that swirl around in the Milk Honey Sensation are just gorgeous. It's like having a Mother Nature lava lamp. You can't help but feel spoiled when you apply this. What a fabulous start to the day.

If you want to treat yourself - or someone else - to complete luxury without spending a lot or eating your way through another box of sweets, shop Danae's Creations Bath & Body Treats.

Stephanie Dickison

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