Hot Lips Soda Makes My Top Ten List of All Time Favourite Drinks!

When I am thirsty and go into a store to get a drink, I am constantly amazed by the sea of coolers in the back lining the walls. How did there get to be so many choices out there? But not all of them are good for you or taste great.

So I am always searching for top-notch drinks that satisfy my thirst - and my waistline.

Meet Hotlips Soda, one of my very favourite finds of the year decade, and now I am constantly in search of places that carry it. I'm completely addicted.

The reason for my soda stalking is that it is unlike any other soda I've ever had. In fact, the name is a little misleading as its carbonation is just barely detectable with a strong fresh fruit finish. It's absolutely revolutionary.

But I'm going to be honest - it does tend to ruin it for all other drinks! 
I tried Cranberry and Boysenberry and now I'm on the hunt to find the rest. In fact, now I want to try cooking with them, pairing them with desserts like wine, etc.

I'm a woman obsessed. But it's no wonder. Because Hot Lips Soda is one of the best drinks I've ever had.


Stephanie Dickison

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