Freshen Up on the Go with Paper Shower!

Ever wish that you had a moist towelette on you, but a big one (9" x 12") that you could use to freshen up more than your hands?

Paper Shower is "the world’s first combination wet and dry towelette pack,"and once you use it, you'll wonder how you've got this far without it.

The package is joined so you can tear off the wet side first, then the dry one. The wet towelettes contain ingredients such as water, aloe vera and vitamin E and are made partially from recycled materials. The liquid on the towelette stays wet after you've wiped down everything from face to toes - you don't have to worry about it drying out or tearing! And the best part? It's not saturated with alcohol like most towelettes, so your skin won't be parched afterwards.
There are so many instances lately that I've been so grateful to have Paper Shower on hand:

1. The heatwaves we've been experiencing this summer has had me sweating in my eyelids. Talk about needing 2 showers a day, sometimes 3. But that's not always feasible.

2. The power went out while I was working away at home last week during a wicked rainstorm. I was all showered, but I didn't know how long I'd be without amenities. Having Paper Shower on hand gave me a little peace of mind. That, and my lovely Cosmo kept me company in the quiet and dark.

3. Yesterday I had 2 events and a meeting back to back. I had to come home quickly in between. As much as I wanted to have a shower (see example 1.), there wasn't enough time. So I shimmied outta one dress, paper showered and then shimmied my way into another way. It was wonderful!

4. When I'm traveling for work, you'd better believe I'm going to have Paper Shower in my bag.

Get Paper Shower for your and your family. You won't believe how much you use them!

Stephanie Dickison

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