Feel Like a Superhero with Gwen Stefani's New Super G Perfume

I am just going to say it - Gwen Stefani's New Super G Harajuku Perfume looks a helluva lot like me. If you saw me in my glasses, you'd agree.

This little gal fits right in with the rest of the righteous clan. Available at Sephora, this fun blend delivers an uplifting cocktail of tons of fruity essences - banana nectar, coconut, cranberry, pear, peach, raspberry  tangerine, tart, vanilla, yellow pineapple - along with some sophisticated notes of musk, transparent cedar wood and yellow freesia.

It is a bright, effervescent fragrance that is not about hiding meekly in the background. Be bold, be brave, be beautiful! Show off your powerful self, your authentic self in this superhero scent. It bolsters confidence and creativity. Do your other perfumes do that?

Yeah, this one's got it all and now you can too.

Stephanie Dickison

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