Change Your Life with Life's Too Short to Fold Fitted Sheets!!

Oh my.

Do you ever look around and realize how much there is to do around the house? Sometimes I have to sit for a minute so as to not get overwhelmed by it all.

And that's just the house stuff. That doesn't include work, family or life stuff.  How do you make time to do it all?

Well, do what I did and what author Lisa Quinn recommends in her book Life's Too Short to Fold Fitted Sheets: Your Ultimate Guide to Domestic Liberation - cut back or stop it altogether.

Lisa was a "recovering Martha Stewart junkie" who built a career as an HGTV host and columnist covering everything from housekeeping, decorating and entertaining." But, she writes, "I was living a lie.  Ironically, while I strived to be the perfect picture of domestic bliss at work, I could never quite pull it off in my own home. The daily grind left no time for forcing bulbs, alphabetizing my pantry, scrapbooking, origami napkin folding, or even keeping the house very clean, for that matter. Hell, I could barely get dinner on the table for my family three nights a week."

Ahh, isn't that how you feel? Like no matter how organized and efficient you are, there's always so much left to be done on your to-do lists?

In realizing that she couldn't do it all, she discovered "shortcuts and cheats to pull off the the life I wanted, without all the hard labour."

And that's what this book home bible is all about. Quinn describes it as, "It's for women like me who want to entertain and to have the nice house, the clean kids, the decent meal, but don't want to kill themselves in the process."

I don't want to give it all away, but basically this book is going to CHANGE YOUR LIFE and HOW YOU DO EVERYTHING. You'll have more time for you and what's important to you and still have a home that you love.

My hope is that every woman reads this book. It doesn't just cover how to clean your bathroom quickly, but giving yourself a break, rediscovering your self-esteem and figuring out what really matters to you, not what society dictates.

It's a fun, funny, easy read but this book will change how you do things FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

What the hell are you waiting for? Go buy Life's Too Short for Fitted Sheets right now. Go buy 10 of 'em and give them to your girlfriends, moms, aunts and anyone else who could use a good jolt of "Hey, stop mopping the kitchen floor and live!!!!"

This is not just a book - it's a guide to living your best life ever.

Stephanie Dickison

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