Be Fashionably Late in Mondor Tights

Although it might be blazing hot now, in a couple of week's time, we're going to be snuggled under our couch blankets having tea and hot chocolate to keep warm and donning sweaters and jackets and maybe even - gasp! - scarves.

But don't worry. You can still rock your micro minis and short skirts. It's just your bare legs will be in need of tights. Cute ones. Pretty ones.

So this fall look to Modor Tights to outfit your gams. Looks right off the runway can now be seen on you, to the envy of all your friends. I'll be rocking 5346 Floral Lace (pictured above) this season, but if you want something a little more office-friendly, I'd go with the small check pattern of 5330 or 5308 Oceano Tight with zig zags.

They look so expensive, so out of reach, but they are yours to have, at unbelievably reasonable prices. 

Click on Find a Retailer near you to score some hot looks for fall.

Stephanie Dickison

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