Be Chic Even in the Rain with Cheeky Umbrellas

Many of us get what I like to call "serviceable" umbrellas. We get a cheap one when ours breaks or we left it at home or on the bus. Or we choose from the 5 plain, dull colours offered at the department store and forget about it.  But I think we should choose our umbrellas as we would our clothes. They are a fashion accessory, after all, so why don't we treat it like one?

I went in search of pretty and funky umbrellas and found a wonderful selection at Cheeky Umbrella.

Here you can select from super small (compact), small (kids) and long - large enough to fit the whole family under (diameter is approx. 40" when open) - as well as a host of fun, contemporary designs!

Want something feminine? These pretty flowers will no doubt brighten your day! And want something that you can see through? Clear designs such as Poppies and Polka Dots are oh-so-chic.
I love the modernity of designs such as Green & Black Curls and Cocktails Long Umbrellas, but they offer so much more:

The Cocktails umbrella for example (pictured above), has “I prefer umbrellas in my cocktails” written on the inside, keeping you smiling no matter how dark the skies outside! And each umbrella is made with a strong, yet lightweight, wind-resistant frame that will hold up against the gale force winds we're getting on a regular basis now. One of my favourite features is the durable and incredibly quick-drying fabric, so you can get on the subway without dripping all over yourself anymore. The hook handle allows you to hang it up at the office and home with ease and feels good in your hand (Finally! An umbrella that is comfortable to hold). 

And each umbrella comes with a Cheeky Umbrella Limited Lifetime Warranty, so no more having to buy a new umbrella every time a gust of wind comes along.

Shop the entire Cheeky Umbrella Collection and get a stylish umbrella that you can't wait to use!

Stephanie Dickison

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