The Anne Taintor 2012 Engagement Calendar Makes Scheduling Simply Delightful!

One of my favourite aspects of fall is the start of the a season. And that means planning for next year.

And while I love everything about organizing, planning and scheduling, I realize that this is a huge chore for most people. So I went in search for the most fun and irreverent calendar for you folks who need a little life in your planner and discovered the incredibly wacky Anne Taintor 2012 Engagement Calendar.  

This is not for the faint of heart or those without a sense of humour. Anne's images might be vintage, but the captions are not. For example, as a woman admires her friend's kitchen tiles, she asks, "Nice! Have you laid anything else recently?"  and "... A lady president? Don't be silly, sweetie!"

That's the kind of fun you can expect in this awesome wire-bound desk calendar that has a colour image on one side and a week-at-a-glance (includes a to-do list section!) on the other. You also get a little quip on each week's page such as "She was the life of the Tupperware party" and "Male refrigerator blindness claims another victim."

You'll love that each page's background is a different colour, so that there's no mistaking this for an office box store agenda.  And there's actually enough room to write in all your important meetings and deadlines. 

You need to be able to plan your weeks, but who says it can't be a hoot?

Stock up on Anne Taintor 2012 Engagement Calendars for you and all of your logistically-challenged friends. You'll never dislike scheduling again!

Stephanie Dickison

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