Welcom to Your Dream Bedroom Thanks to bryan keith design Bedding!

Great designers have a signature look that you can tell right away. It is their distinct vision that speaks through each item they create.

I recently discovered and then fell hard for the soothing yet bold graphics of bryan keith design. I love the clean modern lines and contemporary colours of these bedding designs that add to a room without ever overpowering it. 

The unexpected blend of apple green, taupe and ivory in the St. Maarten Comforter Set sets the room in a calm, serene tone. The luxurious textures of Tanglewood with its exquisite embroidery and faux silk give a upscale resort feel to the place. And the playful lines in the Ventura Comforter Set just ooze grown-up sophistication.

The incredible designer of the this brand, Bryan Keith Parker, previously launched the memorable Nautica Home Collection (which  become one of the major home brands for Bed Bath & Beyond and Linens-N-Things), FUBU Home and Nate Berkus among others. But now he's launched his own impeccable brand - bryan keith - sold exclusively at Macy’s and www.macys.com. And I for one am thrilled!
One of the designs I'm swooning over is the Dana Point 6-piece Duvet Set (pictured above). This set is so gorgeous, so rich, yet at a price within reach.  Everything has such great weight to it and the quality of materials and workmanship is striking. The reversible cotton duvet is ablaze with a vibrant, joyful hexagonal print in sea blues and white, but turn it over and it's a fresh-air-on-the-cape stripe! It's two duvets in one! And with 2 reversible shams, you'll always feeling like you're getting into a brand new bed. What a feeling! The breakfast pillow is the perfect reading and napping companion (it just fits in the crink of your neck just so) and while the square pillow starts out in the bedroom, I often bring it out to the living room with me, because the rich blue and wonderful embroidered stitching is so gorgeous, I just want it see it all of the time.

I only want bryan keith bedding from now on! The only drawback? You'll want to stay in bed amongst one of the most brilliantly designed bedding sets long after the alarm's gone off.

bryan keith is sold exclusively at Macy’s and www.macys.com. Shop now.

Stephanie Dickison

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