Theom Design's Measuring Tape Ring is Oh So Couture

I am very particular about the jewelry I wear. I don't like to wear pieces that you can find just anywhere. I like to seek out individuals who are doing something a little different.

Theom Designs by Menelaos Theodosiades out of Cyprus, does extraordinary work. Menalaos is both an Interior and Fashion Designer, so one day he is designing the exterior off a restaurant and the next, he's making fascinating jewelry and clothing.

Check out the amazing photos of his chairs, Granny Bag and necklaces, to mention just a few items.

My favourite pieces are his rings because when I wear jewelry, I like to rock a big statement piece and let it be the focus of my ensemble.

This stunning measuring tape ring (pictured above) stands high on my finger. It's like a bouquet, really, or fireworks that move with your every gesture. It says, "I love fashion and I'm not afraid to stand on the outer edges to prove it." It screams, "I know what I like and this is it." It alights when I raise my glass of wine or when I reach to shake someone's hand. It shimmies and shakes when I dance and it remains in the spotlight no matter how dim the lights.

Want to be noticed? Then get yourself  Theom Design Jewelry. Because there's nothing else like it.

Stephanie Dickison

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