Take Your Food to Another Level with Sea to Sky Seasonings Salts

Do you get into a routine where everything you make tastes the same?

I certainly do. I tend to rely on the same spices, do the same 10 dishes again and again and fall into the same pattern at mealtime because I'm rushed for time.

I've recently discovered however, that all it takes is a little salt. Not just any salt, of course. I'm talking about Sea to Sky Seasonings Salts.

These Canadian-inspired infused seasonings & salts enhance flavours way beyond simple table salt. The goal of Sea to Sky Seasonings is "to elevate your taste experience to a new level," and they have most certainly reached it.

By  using as many locally grown, ethical and organic ingredients as possible, you get the freshest, most vibrant taste. And you won't find any food colourings or other flavour enhancers here - just natural ingredients that will enliven both your food and your palates.

New flavours are introduced seasonally - I tried some earlier this season such as Vancoucer Coast & Mountains Berry & Honey Salt (try rimming your Margarita glass with this one - heaven), Vancouver Island Seaweed Salt (so good a top of salmon!), Thompson Okanagan Apple Salt, Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Garlic Salt (I shook this all over my homemade sweet potato fries), Northern BC Wild Mushroom Salt (so decadent on eggs!) and for the every day, I quickly became addicted to Kootenay Rockies Spring Skiing Salt (so fresh!).

And now I want to try these from Sea to Sky Seasoning core lineup:

Bacon & Tomato Salt - Smokey Oyama bacon, concentrated sundried tomatoes and sea salt all packaged into one delicious ingredient?  Oh my!

Cabernet Sauvignon Salt
- This Cab Sav from the Niagara region is sure to intensify your evening's menu.

Cinnamon, Chocolate & Chipotle
- How sexy is this combination? Just think of all you can use it on!

Silk Spice - Created by Chef Silke Seiler, this seasoning is fascinating and completely unique. What a fabulous gift for the food lover in your life!
Shop the entire Sea to Sky Seasonings Store and rev up your cooking - naturally!

Stephanie Dickison

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