Stop Brushing & Blow Drying And Get Gorgeous, Volumous Hair with Conair's Spin Air Brush

As you know, I have crazy hair. I can't just wash and go. I would seriously scare people.

So I have two options:

1. Leave me hair wet and slick it back in a ponytail to mimic sleek styling (there's still the matter of my bangs which I usually blow dry anyway)

2. Blow dry my hair from root to tip. Which takes a lot of strength and time. And a brush and a blow drier and products. And well, you get the point...

If only I'd had the Infinity Pro by Conair Spin Air Brush all this time.

See, it styles as it dries, so you no longer  have to dry it and then style it as you've been doing for decades. It instantly saves you a whack of time in the morning before work (go ahead and sleep another 20 minutes!) and gives you more style and volume than you could ever achieve on your own.

It's perfect for this hot weather because it pumps out way less heat than my hair dryer (2 rotation speeds and 3 heat settings.). And because it releases up to 100 times more concentrated ions than ions created from natural sources, it reduces frizz and adds shine - saving you the time and money you usually spend applying additional products to get those effects. In other words, you get smoother hair, faster.

The ceramic technology dries your hair without further damaging it and the tangle-free antistatic bristles keeps it soft and manageable. 
But the best, most fun part, is of course the multi-directional brush that rotates in both directions, giving you voluminous, shiny hair. It is so quick - a thousand times faster than my former dryer. You simply wrap a section of your hair around the brush and let it do all the work (no more fiddling with your brush while trying to blow dry!).

Watch Conair’s Spin Air Brush instructional videos to see just how easy it truly is. 

I get Hollywood/Red Carpet sexy waves and rich volume each and every time. Sure you can use it without the spin function. But when it's this easy, fun and quick to do, why wouldn't you?
The Spin Air Brush is now available across Canada wherever Conair products are sold.

Stephanie Dickison

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