Step Into Comfort with Sof Sole's New Airr Performance Insoles and Orthotics

With the arrival of the warm weather, you're probably outdoors more than usual, walking and running before the intense heat of the day.

What are you doing to keep your feet feeling good and happy? Most of us have running shoes from years ago and haven't given it another thought since.

For us ladies:

- The Airr Performance Insoles (pictured above) gives you maximum air cushioning for high-impact activities.  A built-in encapsulated air chamber in the heel and arch and polymer gel forefoot cushioning gives you a hearty bounce and that cushy feel that makes you feel like you can do anything.  The Coolmax fabric top gives your feet room to breathe and keep 'em from getting wet - perfect for running in this heat.

- If you're going to be kick-boxing, jumping rope or running marathons, the Sol Sole Airr Orthotic Insoles are for you. These insoles have the same air chamber as the Airr, but here it's in the heel.  Again, gel forefoot cushioning ensures your complete comfort, but with the Orthotic, you get the addition of a  reinforced stability plate and energy rebound foam. Something tells me you'll be outrunning your mates in no time with these.

- I have a high arch, which can mean that flat, hard shoes can be quite painful. The Airr Arch is the first insole that I've seen that is almost the entire length of a shoe. Which means it won't slip out from under your arch like others in the past and can be worn in any kind of shoe, not just sneakers. Smart.  The anatomically engineered foam based hugs your foot's every curve and the heel and arch encapsulated air chambers will have you wondering how you got this far without it.

And for the guys out there who are sprinting your way through the week, there are styles for you too! Check out the New Airr, Airr Orthotic and Airr Arch for men.

Once you try Sof Sole New Airr Performance Insoles, you won't we able to slip on a pair of shoes without them.

Shop now at a retailer near you. In Canada, look for them at select Sports Chek and Mark's Work Wearhouse stores.

Stephanie Dickison

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