Snoxin Should Just Be Called "Facelift in a Tube"

I have a big birthday coming up this fall.

It's not the number that bothers me at all. It's the deep lines that are starting to set in. They used to be fine creases that only appeared when I laughed. Now that are a permanent fixture.
I don't mind aging, but I would like it so that my eyeliner doesn't jump over the crease in my eyelid every time I apply my makeup, you know? They start out as little things, but they quickly add up to one older, raggier face.

So Snoxin's claims of being able to see results "as early as 3 days with continued improvement," and their promise that it is "better than $500+ department store and clinical serums" certainly intrigued me, but it couldn't possibly be true, could it?

Well, what I can tell you is that I look better, smoother and yes, younger and that I did notice improvements within the first week.  So it's working.
The concentrated multi-peptide treatment did work on my lines and wrinkles, and tightened, toned and seemed to also even out my skintone. All I've been doing is adding a bit to my face and neck after my shower and before bed. It's certainly easy enough.

And there are more reasons to love Snoxin:  It costs way less than department store brands and works just as fast if not faster (you can look younger in time for your big meeting/high school reunion/seeing your ex next week!), it goes on beautifully (feels amazing without any greasiness, fragrance or parabens) and it's Canadian made - woo woo!

Try it for yourself. Just don't be surprised if instead calling you ma'am, people ask to see your ID.

Stephanie Dickison

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