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If you don't have a small family-owned green products retailer near you, you know have one online. offers organic, natural and sustainable products for your body and your home. Many factors go into the careful selection of vendors and their products. They ask themselves,"Can this product reduce the public's use of petroleum products; lower landfill contribution either through bio-degradability, pre-cycle and recycle usage; and lowering chemical exposure by providing naturally made alternatives?"

They also prefer to carry products "made out of recycled materials created in an environmentally friendly way; like our reclaimed wood furniture, recycled water bottle felt pillows, and junk mail greeting cards. We also choose to carry a lot of products that are handmade by small family owned companies (like Tumbleweed Bead Co, GB Proudfoot, Decoylab and Beehive Kitchenware). One of the many reasons we love small companies is because their products tend to be handmade at the time you place your order so there are no large warehouses of inventory sucking up energy."

You can tell they've put a lot of thought into this:

"We look for items that can replace petroleum based products (like soy candles) and products that can help conserve energy usage (like LED lights and solar electronics). We carry jewelry made only from recycled metals and we will only carry antique or Canada mined diamonds so you can rest assured that it is not a conflict diamond. Our policy on products from outside of the US is to find companies that help reduce waste like Verterra’s biodegradable disposable kitchenware, Chaba reclaimed wood decor, and AquaOvo Therm-o glass bottle. We look for companies with Fair Trade policies such as our Pomiare Clayware, BeeHive Kitchenware Ceramics, and Himalayan salt lamps."

Not only is that a time-saver from shopping store to store, but it's a heartwarmer too - you can feel good about absolutely everything you purchase here. How great to support these smaller, independent producers!

I got to try Solay Wellness, for instance, which I'd never come across before. Their Whipped Body Butter is so luxurious and light, that I've been slathering all over my body ever since it arrived. And my skin has never been so soft! And the Detox Face Mask is the perfect way to combat a stressful day and/or damaged skin.

G.B. Proudfoot is another company I hadn't heard of and was thrilled to discover. Their Original Organic Lip Balm is not only soothing, it's got the most invigorating scent - ginger and orange - you'll want to eat it! For truly soft, renewed skin, their Tea with Lemon & Honey Scrub (pictured above) goes to work on ridding you of any dry skin and leaves behind rich, moist skin, all done with natural ingredients.

Not only is a fantastic place to shop for yourself, it makes gift-giving a breeze.

Shop now. Shop green. Shop responsibly.

Stephanie Dickison

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