Phytomer Makes Me Look My Best

We don't have a ton of sun-shiny warm weather where I live, so when the time comes to shed long sleeves, pants and boots, baring skin becomes the norm for just a few months. But I never feel ready for it. Despite eating well and exercising, my skin just isn't quite there yet. Or at least it wasn't until I slathered on Phytomer products.

Around since 1971, this French company has discovered Oligomer, an innovative and remarkable active ingredient that "is in fact a sea water concentrate containing 104 trace elements that are necessary for beautiful and healthy skin. It restores minerals and balances the skin before treating it for a specific condition."

To combat any bumps and lumps, I turned to Phytomer's Acti-Gene Contour Cellulite-Reducing Bi-Gel. The first things I noticed were: how incredible it feels to put on  (so soft, smooth and moisturizing and no oiliness or greasy feel!) and how lovely the scent is (a spring garden comes to mind). So right off, it's far better than some I've tried in the past. I mean, if you don't like how it smells or feels, you're not going to want to put it on. This stuff? I can't wait to apply it everyday after my shower. But you're probably more concerned with if it works.

Well, let me just say that my orange rind-ridden thighs look a helluva lot smoother than they used it. I am going to chalk it up to Contour's main ingredients, such as Sea Grape, which "slows down the activity of fat cell genes to reduce the size and number of fat masses and stimulates the activity of support tissue genes to improve the skin's elasticity." There is also halopteris scoparia, which gives a firming effect and palmaria palmata, which revs up your skin's circulation so that the appearance of cellulite seems to just drain away.

My legs (including inner thighs), hips and bum are incredibly improved since the first warm weather appeared and mini skirts and shorts replaced pants. Thank you, Phytomer!

Now there was just a little matter of my pale legs to address. Because of the sun's intensity this year, my arms seemed to tan quite easily. But my legs just never get the same attention, so I like to use a self-tanning cream so that I don't scare my friends and neighbours with my white walking sticks. But there are so many that smell weird or streak like hell, despite their claims and magazine ads stating otherwise. 

I tried Phytomer's Sun Radiance Self-Tanning Cream for Face & Body (pictured above) and was honestly a little skeptical - so many have failed in the past. But I was completely overjoyed with the results!

First of all, before applying self-tanning cream, you are supposed to exfoliate so that it goes on evenly. I didn't because I was in a rush to get out the door to an event. Despite not following the instructions and not spending all afternoon rubbing it in to try and achieve even results, my legs were completely uniform and a beautiful tan, not orange colour!

And again, it smells like a bouquet of flowers and feels incredible on. The cream is quickly absorbed, so you don't have to wait for it to sink in. Just 2 1/2 hours later, you'll see the full colour appear. I've been wearing nothing but items to show off my gams. After all, now they look fabulous, thanks to Phytomer.

Whether you're shopping in Canada or worldwide, Phytomer delivers on their promises each and every time.

Stephanie Dickison

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