Make Drinks Like the Pros with Lime Tree Cove Cocktail Salts

Mixology has become one of North America's favourite pastimes.

My fella has become an excellent drink maker in recent months. Frothy, boozy concoctions from the 20s and 30s are a current fave.

But I do love classics such as Margaritas and Bloody Marys. The key to these fabulous beverages is in the rimming. If you don't line 'em with salt, they aren't the real deal. The problem is, how do you do it without making a huge mess?

I found the solution at Lime Tree Cove.

CEO Tim McCaffery writes about how the company started:

"We began when my fiancè asked me, 'Can you re-salt my margarita?' The concept of a better way to prepare rimmed cocktails was born."

Tim and his crew have created the perfect tools and ingredients (all natural) to rim your drinks with ease. 

The Barmaid (pictured above) takes drink rimming and salting to a whole new level. This handheld device allows you to make margaritas, mojitos, martinis, pina coladas, and whatever else you like to sip on. Just wet the rim of your glass with lime, lemon , etc. Place the Barmaid on the rim of your glass, press the button and go around the edge. The Barmaid does the rest, dispensing just the right amount of salt the the glass' edge. You can control the amount of salt by pressing more for more and less for less. Sooo easy!

Want something a little fancier than just plain salt? The Gourmet Samplers allow you an exciting range of spices and seasonings to try.  I taste-tested the Margarita Fiesta Sampler. Offering 4 variations to whet your whistle, there's something here for everyone: Tangy Lime Salt, Spicy Chili Salt, Sea Salt and Fresh Lemon Sugar for those wanting a sweet finish to their drink.

Next time your friends want to go out for drinks, tell 'em they can have handcrafted, personalized drinks at your place. Just see where you all end up.

Stephanie Dickison

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