Luxuriate in Mary Cohr Paris Nourishing Firming Cream

Not all products that work well feel good.

I simply cannot get over how incredible Mary Cohr Paris Nourishing Firming Cream feels on.
With a light, bumpy texture similar to Noxema, you wouldn't think that it's one of the most luxurious feeling creams. But the way it goes on - completely greaseless but oh-so-nourishing. A spa treatment and skincare all in one!

And it works right away. As soon as I applied it, my skin drank it in and the results? My skin looked not only smoother, but supple. It had its elasticity back, so that it seemed like I'd reversed in age, got back the skin of my youth. You know, before environmental damage and the ravages of time got to me.

And weeks later, it's still going. The jar barely has a dent in it even though I've been applying the cream morning and night. And my skin - it's all glowy and plump! 

No, I haven't had collagen injections, but thanks for asking! It's simply the incredibly fabulous Mary Cohr Paris Nourishing Firming Cream  with its Dermostimulines Complex (it stimulates cell functions, renewing my skin) and ingredients such as shea butter.

This is one of the most extraordinary face creams I've ever tried. When's the last time you actually looked forward to and enjoyed the process of applying your face cream?

See what I mean.  Get it at Baronesse Cosmétiques Inc.

Stephanie Dickison

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