Lumos Nail Duo Pack Has Got You Covered - and Protected!

I need a manicure that lasts and lasts.

If I'm not cooking, I'm cleaning. Or writing or cleaning. Or running errands or cleaning. I like to do my nails just once a week and get on with my life. But as I'm sure you know, that's a rarity because how can your polish last that long, especially when you're scouring the tub and cleaning the floors?

Famous Names LLC has created the Lumos Duo Pack that gives you exactly that!

The Instant Impact Bottom Coat gives you a smooth foundation on which to apply your polish and the High Speed Top Coat provides this teflon-like protection and high, high shine. The bottom coat adheres to the nail plate and coat above it, keeping it free of chipping and peeling and the top coat can be applied while your polish is still wet!

What is even more remarkable than how easily these go on is that Lumos "is the fasting drying product on the market," it won't yellow, doesn't reek of chemicals and your nails dry in only 10-12 minutes!

And it's not just an empty line. I was outta the door with my freshly painted lavender nails more quickly than I've ever been, thanks to Linda & Jim Nortdstrom of Famous Names LLC and their amazing Lumos products! And despite all the hard work I've done with my hands, my mani still looks fresh and pristine.

I'm going to be using Lumos products from now on. How about you?

Stephanie Dickison

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