Krigler New York City Perfumes Brings the Past to Present Day

Mr. Krigler had been a perfumer as far back as 1904.

But it wasn't until, Kri Kri, a fourth generation Krigler that the family business took hold again.

Kri Kri loves "a scent which is both sober and sophisticated, masculine and feminine, rigorous and happy. Rational but imaginative, defying the classical register, she has the insolence to invent a scent where freedom is sovereign. The scents she creates, where she express her taste of unexpected mix are indefinitely seducing. Kri Kri created in her atelier, scents as notes of the time. In the archive of the family she found over 200 scents and fragrances and decided to recreate them as much as she could."

Which brings us to the present day Krigler New York City, where fascinating scents await you.

Take Mediterranean Peach 15, for instance. It's surprisingly refreshing and light, like a Mimosa at brunch.  The blend of peach, dew fruit and blackcurrant leaves is like a burst of sunshine and laughter and perfect for these hazy, hot summer days.

And if you're a kind of back-to-basics kinda gal, Lovely Patchouli 55 (pictured above) is for you. This is the prettiest patchouli I've ever experienced. Complex but really feminine, the aromas of patchouly, bergamot, amber and leather are extremely enticing.

These scents will leave an impression. On both you and those around you.

If you want something to really wow the crowd, shop Krigler New York City.

Stephanie Dickison

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