Indulge Your Love of Making Lists with Curious Lists: A Creative Journal for List-Lovers

I have been making lists since I was a young girl.

I don't know why it brings me such joy, but anytime I'm stuck in any problem that needs solving, a list always brings me peace - and usually a solution not long after.

I know I'm not alone in this. There are a ton of folks who loved to make lists. Like Ashley of the awesome blog After Nive to Five with her "Life List," and Meredith of Penelope Loves Lists.

Curious Lists: A Creative Journal for List-Lovers is a fantastic gift for those of us that love to write things one after another, that like to come up with ways to be more productive or intensify our creativity.

Twenty-six chapters of orderly, fun lists offers hours of fun and merriment for list-makers. And the best part? You simply fill in the blanks! There is something here for everyone - Lists for Rainy Days, Lists for Vacations, Lists for When You're on the Bus...

Ooh, get your pens and pencils out, folks - it's time to list Rural Areas Mentioned in Hemingway Stories, Best-Selling Salt-Water Taffy Flavours and Albums to be Played on a Sunday Afternoon.

Stock up on Curious Lists for all the creative and type A folks on your gift-giving lists. They will love you forever.

Stephanie Dickison

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