Have Candy Without the Bad Stuff or the Guilt with Goody Good Stuff Gummies

It is hard to indulge in a little candy these days. 

Whenever I reach for something sweet, I am also concerned with what I'm putting into my body. Flip over the packaging and no doubt, all that unpronounceable stuff can't be good for you.
So I was elated to come across Goody Good Stuff Gummies. Finally we'd have something healthy to put in our snack box besides nuts (how many nuts can one person eat?) and I'd feel free of guilt for once.

These treats cover all the bases: made with all natural ingredients and free from artificial flavours, fat, soy, nuts, meat, dairy, egg, gelatine, gluten, lactose, GMOs, wheat, cassein and tree nuts.  We tried Tropical Fruit (pictured above) and Summer Peaches and we gobbled them up in just two days they were so good - so moist and bursting with fresh juice flavours. In fact, my fella, in the words of my man Drake, said they were the best he ever had.

Which gummies would you rather have - the stale, toxic-filled ones from the corner store or these that include all-natural fruit juices and extracts?

Fill your own snack box with Goody Good Stuff.

Stephanie Dickison

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