Find Your Way Back Every Time with the Bushnell BackTrack D-TOUR

How many times have you been out to dinner or a movie with a friend and when you get back to the parking lot, neither of you can remember where the car's parked?

And last time you went camping, were you sure you knew the route, but ended up taking a few detours that left you more than a little grumpy and tired?

That's why you need Bushnell's BackTrack D-TOUR. This GPS personal location finder allows you to always be able to find your way back/home. All you do is push a button and just follow the arrow. 

It has up to five storable locations, so if you travel to the same place every year or you have a favourite mall that has 6 different levels of parking that you never find your way out off, this feature will come in handy.

What's amazing is that you can upload up to 48 hours of data to your computer (it works with both Macs and PCs and comes with a USB cable - sweet!) to see your journey again, thanks to the self-calibrating digital compass. You can overlay your route on Google Maps automatically. It will show you not only the course you took, how long it was, the speed, elevation and temperature of your adventure!

This sweet little safety net is smaller than my phone and incredibly light at just 6 oz., so it won't weigh you down. It's also weather resistant so even if it's hailing out, you'll be able to get to cover. And I love that whether you're a millennial or boomer, military personnel or civilian, you can set the time (12-hour or 24-hour clock), temperature (Fahrenheit or Celsius) and distance (yards/miles or meters/kilometers) to what makes sense to you.

You just have to decided whether you want it in red or green. What a fabulous year-round gift!

Stephanie Dickison

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