Feel the Ocean Spray with Waves Postcard Book

I love the sound of crashing waves and the feel of being near water. In fact, nothing relaxes me more.

So just looking at the Waves Postcard Book with photographs by Rob Gilley brings an inner calm that I rarely experience in daily life.

I think a lot of people feel this way about water, so sharing that feeling of serenity by sending out these gorgeous postcards (there's 30 in full colour to choose from ) is a wonderful way to spread the joy.

Whether its the big orange waves in Ventura County, California, the clear water or Newport Beach or deep indigo of outside the Pipeline in Oahu, Hawaii, you'll find something here for everyone.

And if you're anything like me, you'll keep a couple to frame and put on your desk to try and bring that feeling of quiet and peace to your workday.

Get your own copy of Waves Postcard Book and revel in the bliss of water and waves.

Stephanie Dickison

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