Envelop Yourself in Riches with MONEY Cologne

I opened up the box and was shocked to see shredded money. Real dollar bills julienned and scattered around the box.

Since I who grew up without much of it, it seems like a blatant act. Like "I don't need it, so I'm just gonna throw it away."

But it's smart marketing.I mean, if you're going to make a His & Her MONEY cologne that reeks of money, you might as well swath it in the stuff, right? 

And this is all before I've even taken in its scent. Then it hits me. The intense, distinct smell of money.

The scent specially made for the fellas - His MONEY is decidedly manly - like leather seats and The Wall Street Journal. You can smell the money in there but it's surprisingly bright and citrusy. It feels a little like the outdoors too (due to grass and precious woods, no doubt). Ooh, I love this. It's powerful without being cocky. Bold without being overpowering. I would wear it along with the women's scent.

Speaking of which, Her Money is extremely pretty. The bills are in there, though if you didn't know it was money, would you be able to guess? I'm not sure, though you'd know it was a familiar scent. Feminine notes of fruits and florals are light and airy. It is perfect for everything from summer cocktails on the roof to business negotiations in the boardroom. Pink grapefuit, mandarin, passion fruit and melon add a slight sweetness, while freesia and Hawaiian wedding flower keep it fresh and sophisticated.

What fantastic presents these are. And affordable too. I wonder if I wear this, the laws of attraction will come into play and suddenly, I'll be surrounded by cash?

I'm about to find out.

Stephanie Dickison

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