Discover the Ravishing Limited Edition Lancôme Paris Par Denis Gagnon Colour Collection

It is one of the most beautiful pairings of the decade - Canadian Designer Denis Gagnon with Cosmetics Leader Lancôme Paris. The packaging alone, is gorgeous.

The Lancôme Paris Par Denis Gagnon Colour Collection is a limited edition, exclusive makeup collection that works with every skintone and personality. Denis said that he wanted to create a look that "was both edgy and sober." The look is "subtle, never overstated. Smokey eyes, defined cheekbones, and a mouth that can be almost unnoticeable or very present, as you wish." So whether you want you want to look chic for the office or wild at the club, you can rock both looks with ease.

I absolutely love the range of colours here  like blushes in both pink (aplum) and peach (miel glace), so you can change your look not only by season, but mood and event.

The Colour Design Quad for instance, comes 4-colour palettes to a compact, with 2 to choose from - a medley of sexy blues and grays in Parisian Nights (pictured above) and Enchanted Evening, a dusting of golds and earthen hues. Never has powdered shadow felt so luxurious and smooth - like swathing them in saton sheets. And each pallette has everything from "shimmer to sheen and metallic to matte," so you can glam it up or down, whatever the occasion. Swipe it on lightly and quickly for a sheerer look, or build it up for a more dramatic affect. I love that it can be as bold as you want it to be, but it stays put and strong, no matter how busy your day. This was made for us, you and I. It keeps up with us, with all that we are, all that we do. It's amazing.

I don't usually wear eye shadow unless I'm going to an event of some kind in dress and heels. But since I tried Parisian Nights, I haven't gone a day without it. My green-gray eyes pop and sizzle when I wear even just a bit of the shadow. I can't go back now. I'm hooked on this stuff.

I don't know how these shades and textures can look so retro and modern at once, but the Colour Design Sensational Effects LipColours are so gorgeous that you won't be able to wear anything but for a long, long time. And this just goes to show that lipstick can be just as seductive, if not more than, sticky glosses.  One of the most nourishing, smooth lipsticks I've ever tried, you can choose what finish you prefer - cream, sheen, shimmer, metallic and matte.

I am completely addicted to my Matte Lucky Kiss. If you had told me before that I'd be smitten by a matte lipstick, I would've told you how crazy you were. But it's so damn sexy, I can't not put it on. It enhances my lips just enough that you can't tell if I'm wearing anything, but perfects them just so. This is perhaps the best my lips have looked in years. How can this be a limited edition?

Shop the Lancôme Paris Par Denis Gagnon Colour Collection now before it's too late.You do not want to miss this.

Stephanie Dickison

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