Wake Up Ever So Gently with The Philips Wake-Up Light

My fella and I are full-time writers, so our days can be pretty wonky depending on our deadlines. And while I am a fierce early morning person, if I've been up writing until 2, it can be almost impossible to get myself outta bed for 6 or 7.

But the PhilipsWake-Up Light has saved me. It's the most fascinating, gentle wake-up system I've ever come across.

Whether I need to get up early to get something off to press for the west coast or if I'm heading out to review a new breakfast restaurant, I am the lucky girl who gets to awake to a soothing light and the sound of chirping birds.

See, the Wake-up Light simulates sunrise by gradually filling a room with bright light. For example, if I want to get up for  6:30 a.m., I set it to start at 6 a.m. The 250 lux light increases its brightness (there are 20 brightness settings to choose from) over a 30 minute period, allowing your body - and mind - to prepare to wake up even while you're still asleep! What happens is that instead of your body being startled into waking, it slowly works it way into getting up. 

You wouldn't believe the difference it makes.

If you like to get up to FM radio, by all means set the Philips Wake-Up Light to your favourite station (it remembers 3 of 'em so awake to NPR during the week and new hip-hop on the weekends). Me, I'm getting up with the birds. Literally.

I set it so that I get up to the sound of birds, one of the sounds you can choose from. It is amazing to have that be the first thing you hear. We have real ones right outside our bedroom window, but the Philips birds are the only ones to get me up.  It's hard to tell they're not real though. As soon as I turn them off, the real ones are chirping away and really, there is little difference except that the sound now comes from inside the window.

And because you set the brightness settings on your light, you can set it to work as a bedside lamp too. The halogen lamp is replaceable, so you'll never have to go back to the old way of jarring yourself out of bed again.

Why would you want to get up any other way?

The Wake-up Light (3470) is available at a number of places including Amazon.ca and BestBuy.com and The Wake-up Light Plus (3485) is available at Personal Edge and Amazon.ca

Stephanie Dickison

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