Urban Therapy's Twisted Sista Gives You the Curls You Wish You'd Been Born With!

You wouldn't know it to look at me, but I've got curly hair.

You couldn't possibly know though, because I blow dry my hair straight every day or else I brush and pull it back in a sleek ponytail, giving it the effect of pin straightness.

I don't do this because I don't like curly hair. I just don't like my curly hair. It's wavy and ringlet-y in all different areas of my head, so instead of having the enviable waves of Martha Plimpton on Raising Hope or the luscious bouncy curls of gorgeous Kerry Washington, I just have the "crazy hair" where it looks like I went to bed with wet hair and made my way through a wind storm.

So I am always extremely skeptical when it comes to curl enhancing products, because truthfully, my hair needs a whole team of people to calm it down and the chances of just one product or line handling it seems slight at best.

Then along comes Twisted Sista and completely changes everything.

These products rework my hair like I've got my own stylist on retainer. Oh, and they're insanely cheap. You'll be kicking yourself for how much you've been paying for product up until now.

I start with the De-Frizz Shampoo and Conditioner that hydrates my dry locks and keeps every strand sleek and close to my hair, unlike it's usual go-big-or-go-home manner. My hair looks and feels better, shinier, stronger and so much more under control without feeling heavy or greasy.

For the humid and rainy days that we're known to have here, I am blessed to have my Different Strokes Serum in hand. It zaps away any frizz while healing my split ends. It is like valium for my hair.

For those days that I want sleek, straight locks, Twisted Sista's Blow Drying Crème is all I need.  It not only saves me drying time, but it saves me from having to straighten my hair. Just a dollop of this will do ya. It works overtime by simultaneously adding volume, moisture and shine.

If you want your Bernadette Peters curls to emerge, use Curl Activator and 30-Second Curl Spray. Not only do they smell good (fresh 'n fruity) but they feel good. No crunchiness or hard helmet head here.

I am no longer ashamed of my curls. In fact, now I have beautiful curls.

Shop the entire Twisted Sista Collection and rock a different style every day. And rock your curls. Because now you can!

Stephanie Dickison

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