The New Sharpie Gel Highlighters Will Outlast Your Taxes, Notetaking, Etc.

Whoever invented the highlighter really should be commended because sometimes underlining or bolding just isn't enough.

The problem with most highlighters is that they run out or dry out just as you're getting your calendar in order or marking the important lines of a text. And if they don't run out, they smear, which means your whole page gets highlighted, and that's kind of beside the point.

But the new Sharpie Gel Highlighter has this clear, wide, crayon-like tip that goes on the page dry. So no need to worry about messy smears. Not even with a page fresh outta the printer.

And you can write on slick surfaces for once, so whether you're highlighting a quote from a magazine or a title you want to change on photo paper, it will keep up with you. Oh, and if you forget to put the cap on (I'm sorry, but what kind of person would do that?), it won't dry out, because it's gel, not ink. Which means it just glides over everything beautifully. It feels so good to use.

To advance the gel stick, just twist the bottom. It's like having a fresh highlighter each time you use it.

You should see my calendar now!  Available in three colours – pink, yellow and orange - at Walmart, Staples and Grand & Toy

Stephanie Dickison

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