Kai Fragrance Is Unique on Everyone!

Have you ever bought a fragrance that is meant to smell one way, but you get it home and it is completely something else on you?

Everyone rocks a scent differently and someone that's celebrating that is Kai Fragrance.  

Kai uses "exotic fragrance and natural essences" - think the tropics - in this light scent. It is incredibly popular amongst celebrities. And it's no wonder. 

Kai Perfume Oil is incredible and a little goes a long way, so it will long  outlast your drugstore brands. Touch it on your pulse points and get ready for the aromatherapy to begin.

As soon as you apply it, you'll feel your shoulders unstiffen (how did they get that high around my ears like that?), your mind

On me, it smells of sweet, fresh gardenias. And a lot like summer breezes, wet grass and clean laundry - all of the scents that completely bliss me out. 

But here's the thing - I gave some to my Mom to try and it was completely different on her! It was still lovely and light and fragrant, but deeper and spicier. My Mom's skin is always warm, where mine is always cool. It's amazing the difference on us both, but I didn't prefer or another - it's just that they each suited us perfectly.

It's almost impossible these days to get a scent that is personalized for you and your body chemistry. We all have so many factors going into who we are and how we take on a fragrance. How amazing is it to get something that works with you and your body?

Look for where to shop for Kai near you and finally have a scent that is completely and utterly you.

Stephanie Dickison

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